Petong Island – underwater adventure

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Petong Island are among the most beautiful, explore this amazing underwater paradise. Magnificently adorned with yellow tube sponges, soft & hard corals and myriad tropical fishes. The abundance and diversity of marine life, its shallow water accessibility and excellent visibility reveal a dazzling array of breathtaking aquatic underwater world.

Like the rest of Phuket, Patong is home to white sandy beaches, clear blue water and plenty of sun, making it an ideal spot to catch some rays

Exciting snorkeling & Dive sites at the “CoralReefs Shoal” , the “Northern HouseReefs” , the “Southern HouseReefs” , the “Rock Point” , the “SeaFan Garden” and the “WhiteSand Bay” offers unmatched underwater adventure like no others !

From spotted stingrays to yellow tube sponges, hard corals to clown fish and their anemone homes, Petong Island is home to incredibly diverse marine life. The waters’ exceptional visibility means you can really take in all the life swimming around you and it makes for an enjoyable day of snorkeling or diving.

Petong Island has a number of different well-known sites to check out, including the “Coral Reefs Garden”, the “White Sand Coral Bay”. You can even find nemo at the “Clown Fish Nemo Sanctuary” – a crowd favorite! Just beware of the many sea urchins hiding below the surface, these little creatures may be a tasty delicacy but they can also deliver a nasty sting!

Travel time from the Tempats by car: 1 hour and 20 minutes by car to Galang Jetty, followed by a short boat ride.


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