Mega Mall Shopping Centre

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Mega Mall Shopping Center is one of many malls in Batam. This mall is integrated with the Grand Mosque Batam, Batam Center International Ferry Terminal, the mayor’s office, Parliament office, Bank of Indonesia building and with close to the Batam Authority Office and modern residential complexes of Coastarina, including the theme park, Ocarina.

How to get to Mega Mall Batam Center

It has strategic location which is in downtown of Batam Center. As mentioned above that it was located on the very strategic location near the government activity and residential, so you can reach it easily from anywhere.

This mall has integrated bridge from Batam Center International Ferry Terminal, so if you come from abroad, you can directly go here across the bridge, it is located on the second floor of the terminal. With this bridge, you may want to going to the mall while waiting for your ferry departure.

What is inside

Inside, there are Hypermart, Matahari Department Store, Electronic and Home Solutions, various restaurant, including A&W which is infamous for most Singaporean, Starbucks on the ground floor, and Cinema XXI. There is also Timezone, which is game arcade area.

There are always an event almost every week in this mall, the ground floor is mostly used for event. There are two main floor which always be the place for event, which made the mall feel lively.

A Little History of Mega Mall Batam Center

Mega Mall Batam Center is a central business area in Batam Island. Mega Mall shopping center built in the CBD (Central Business District) of Batam Centre.

The mall is directly connected by a bridge connecting to the International Ferry Terminal – Batam Centre, which has now reached the capacity of the rotation tourists and businessmen from foreign countries and Singapore approximately ± 300,000 people per month are served by 98 transit trips per day with a ferry to Singapore – Batam Centre – Singapore or equal to 2940 trips per month.


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