Diving Snorkeling Spots in Batam – Batam, a city, and an islands in the west of Indonesia, which is located in Riau Islands and near Singapore and Malaysia. This city, since long time ago, popular with industrial city. Many foreign company, like Singapore, made Batam as their base and invest here. That’s why, many foreigner here in Batam.

Batam nowadays growth its tourism sector. Many tourism destinations are being introduced to attract visitor to visit Batam. Batam also implemented a free visa for several countries in order to attract more visitors.

Many foreigner in Batam who work and live here, but there are also many visitor who comes to Batam just to relax and take a vacation. Batam is relatively cheap (in budget) for foreigner. Everywhere is cheap, believe me. That is why every week, Batam is always crowded by the tourists. You will see more travel buses on weekend and holiday season.

Batam offer a lot of entertainment stuff, such as night life entertainment, its culinary, until the shopping paradise. But for now, there is one attraction who attract a lot of people to come to Batam. It is the underwater adventure.

Batam Diving And Snorkeling Spot

Batam has some diving spots which undiscovered before and now become famous among the tourist, both local and international. Now, may tour operator offers an adventure tour for diving and snorkeling to an island which serve you the beautiful and wonderful underwater view.

Below is the list of recommended Batam underwater tour, especially for diving snorkeling spots in Batam.