Batam City Square – Shopping Center BCS Mall Batam

If you’d like to visit BCS mall as part of a 1 day Batam tour we can help with prices starting from only $58 pax including ferry! Our Batam family apartments are just a short ride away and cost just a few dollars per pax. We’ll even take you there ourselves.

It may surprise you to know that there are actually more stalls at BCS mall than you’ll find at Nagoya Hill. This is because BCS is made of of many smaller stalls and shops offering you a huge choice in all the goods that Batam is famous for selling so cheaply.

For all you ladies, BCS mall is Batam’s primary place for all things girly. From shoes to dresses not forgetting handbags and bling, this is a girls shopping paradise.

For all you men, don’t worry there’s still plenty for you to do whole your better half is browsing.

BCS is located in the busy Penuin area close to BCC Hotel and opposite to the well known Grand Duck restaurant. You can use Harbour Bay or Batam Centre ferry terminal to get here, Harbour Bay is slightly closer. Read More