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Abang Island is one from four of a popular snorkeling spot and scuba diving in Batam. It has a picturesque under sea world that will amaze you. You will find fascinating coral reefs with various shapes, sizes and colors of many sea creatures.

With relatively shallow waters (around 15 – 18 meters deep), Abang Island is a perfect spot for both diving or snorkeling. The beauty of its sea biota even compared with Komodo Island National Park, Bunaken and Raja Ampat. Abang Island – Batam Snorkling and Diving Spot

Abang Island citizens constantly been taught the importance to preserve the coral reefs both as tourism assets and as their contribution for global environment. They can also get benefits from tourism activities next to their daily activities as fishermen or traders. This has ultimately led to the well maintained beauty of Abang Island.


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